Jan Extreme shows

The best bicycle extreme and lyrical shows

The greatest bicycle artists. Professionals  with huge show experience. We have own transport, caravans and a few sets of all props. And we are very friendly people 🙂
If you want the best for your audience – we are your choice 😉

Moto Globe of death

Extreme moto show


Інтерактивне шоу

With a bench

Extreme and lyrical show

3 riders with BMX freestyle

Extreme street style show

Show with bench + BMX freestyle

Extreme street style show

Show with audience

interactive show

Our shows are flexible for all kinds of stages and events: circus, cabaret/variete, cruise ships, casino, theme parks, concerts, events, promotions…

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best artists in team

Our team

Best bicycle riders

All of my team are professonal artists and sportsmen.

Artists – means we are able to express ourselves on stage, be an artist.

Sportsmen – we are the best and show a high level of bicycle tricks!

Audience likes it

Our shows are extreme, extraordinary, spectacular and people enjoy to watch it. Everybody likes bicycles, and our tricks and jumps will not leave anyone cold! Give to your viewers an incredible spectacle!

Big team

In our team there are a lot of artists, and we have a few sets of our props. I can offer to you some of my shows every time. All of us are professional artists and friendly guys 😉

Award Winners

We are the winners of many bicycle competitions on bike trial and BMX nominations, sport is our passion, shows are our life.